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Congratulations Matias for the "Best Poster" award at the X International Conference on Bioinformatics - Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of SoIBio and 10th Anniversary of the Master in Bioinformatics Uruguay.
"Statins: Complex outcomes but increasingly helpful treatment options for patients" by Mohammadkhani, Korsching et al. has been published by European Journal of Pharmacology.
Congratulations to Marten - another successful Master of Science.
"An integrated genome-wide multi-omics analysis of gene expression dynamics in the preimplantation mouse embryo" by Israel, Makalowski et al. has been published by Scientific Reports.
"Bioinformatics of nanopore sequencing" by Makalowski and Shabardina has been published by Journal of Human Genetics
Researchers in the field of bioinformatics at Muenster University, Germany and Mr. Fujihiko Minamoto (second from left)
Felix defended his master
Wolfgang takes his retirement
Jonas made his defense
"NanoPipe - a web server for nanopore MinION sequencing data analysis" by Shabardina et al. has been published by GigaScience.
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Name: Reza Halabian
Status: Ph.D. student
Email: reza.halabian[at]uni-muenster[dot]de
Room: 110.005
Phone: +49 251 835300-2

Research projects


  • July 2017- Present: Ph.D. student in Bioinformatics at Institute of Bioinformatics, Faculty of Medicine, Univeristy of Muenster, Muenster, Germany.
    • Advisor: Prof. Wojciech Makalowski
  • 2004-2007: M.Sc. in animal breeding and genetics with a specialization in molecular genetics, University of Zanjan, Zanjan, Iran.
    • Thesis: Identification of SNPs of Bovine Prolactin Gene and Their Association with Milk Yield Traits in Iranian Holstein Cows.
    • Advisor: Prof. Mohammad Reza Nasiri, Prof. Morad Pasha Eskandari Nasab
  • 2000-2004: B.Sc. in Animal Science, Gorgan University of Agricultural Science and Natural Resources, Gorgan, Iran.
    • Thesis: QTL mapping in farm animals.
    • Advisor: Prof. Saeed Hassani

Conferences and workshops

  • September 4-8, 2017: Participation in the course of 12th Poznan summer school of bioinformatics with the topic of NGS in medical research, Faculty of Biology, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland.
  • 2007, November: 5th national conference of biotechnology , Tehran, Iran.
    • Participant with an oral presentation
    • Title: Detection SNPs of Bovine Prolactin Gene
  • 2006.09.12-24: Coursework training (2 weeks) in Bioinformatics for MD simulation, CinnaGen, Tehran, Iran.
  • 2006.10.12-24: Coursework training (2 weeks) in PCR for Diagnosis: Design of Laboratory, Real Time PCR, Diagnosis for HIV. CinnaGene, Tehran, Iran.


Publications, books chapters

  • Halabian R, Eskandarinasab MP, Nassiry MR, Heravi Moussavi AL, Hosseini SA, Qanbari S. 2008. Characterization of SNPs of Bovine Prolactin gene of Holstein Cattle. Biotechnology. 7 (1): 118‐123.
  • Halabian R, Eskandarinasab MP, Nassiry MR, Heravi Moussavi AL, Hosseini S, Javadmanesh A. 2007. Detection & genotyping of SNPs of exon 4 in Bovine Prolactin gene of Iranian Holstein Cattle. African Journal of Biotechnology. (accepted & In press) Article # AJB‐07‐539.
  • Hassani S, Halabian R, Methods of estimation of variance and covariance components. Translated into Persian. 2009, ISBN 978-964-2681 -14-3. Beihaq Press.


  • 2007- Present: Membership of Iranian Genetics Society (I.G.S.)
  • 2007- Present: Membership of Biosafety Society of Iran
  • Personal profile at:
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