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Congratulations Philipp Fervers for for the successful defense of his doctoral thesis.
Yukie Kashima, welcome to our institute!
"Inferring clonal structure in HTLV-1-infected individuals: towards bridging the gap between analysis and visualization” by Farmanbar et al. has bee published by Human Genomics.
Welcome Reza Halabian, our new PhD student..
"Sequencing and phasing cancer mutations in lung cancers using a long-read portable sequencer” by Suzuki et al. has bee published by DNA Research.
"Serotyping dengue virus with isothermal amplification and a portable sequencer.” by Yamagishi at al. has been published by Scientific Reports.
"Contribution of Transposable Elements to Human Proteins" by Makalowski, Kischka and Makalowska has been published by eLS.
"Multicolor immuno- fluorescence reveals that p63- and or K5-positive progenitor cells contribute to normal breast epithelium and usual ductal hyperplasia but not to low-grade intraepithelial neoplasia of the breast." by Boecker / Korsching et al. has been published by Virchows Archiv.
Congratulations to Marcin Jakalski for the successful defense of his PhD thesis.

Journals, Alerts, and General Internet

  • PubMedJB -- journal browser allows access to current issues
  • Pubcrawler -- provides alerts to new abstracts at PubMed
  • HiWire -- publishes online journals and provides alerts
  • SeqAlert -- provides daily homology sequence alerting
  • New Issues -- provides entry to 35 genomics jounals
  • GenomeBio -- free access to post-genomics journal, pre-print server
  • PNAS -- free access to month-old articles in PNAS
  • JBC -- nearly free access to most cited journal
  • Science -- high circulation general science journal
  • Nature -- gateway to restricted spin-off journals
  • AmJHumGen -- leading disease gene annotation journal
  • Genomics -- genomics articles sometimes stale
  • GenomeRes -- genomic research and methods articles
  • Pedro -- large journal (and tool) collection
  • Web of Science -- ISI web of knowledge
  • OMD -- online medical dictionary
  • Google -- best internet search site for web tools
  • Lycos -- widely used general search tool
  • Yahoo -- internet categories and news
  • Nando -- science and health news feed
  • LangTrans -- useful for rough translations between languages