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Congratulations Philipp Fervers for for the successful defense of his doctoral thesis.
Yukie Kashima, welcome to our institute!
"Inferring clonal structure in HTLV-1-infected individuals: towards bridging the gap between analysis and visualization” by Farmanbar et al. has bee published by Human Genomics.
Welcome Reza Halabian, our new PhD student..
"Sequencing and phasing cancer mutations in lung cancers using a long-read portable sequencer” by Suzuki et al. has bee published by DNA Research.
"Serotyping dengue virus with isothermal amplification and a portable sequencer.” by Yamagishi at al. has been published by Scientific Reports.
"Contribution of Transposable Elements to Human Proteins" by Makalowski, Kischka and Makalowska has been published by eLS.
"Multicolor immuno- fluorescence reveals that p63- and or K5-positive progenitor cells contribute to normal breast epithelium and usual ductal hyperplasia but not to low-grade intraepithelial neoplasia of the breast." by Boecker / Korsching et al. has been published by Virchows Archiv.
Congratulations to Marcin Jakalski for the successful defense of his PhD thesis.

Main Databases

  • PubMed -- abstracts for 11 million biomedical articles
  • Entrez -- gateway to nucleotide and protein sequences
  • LocusLink -- curated sequence and gene descriptions
  • PDB -- 3D protein database at RCSB
  • SwissProt -- keyword search annotated protein collection
  • SRS -- query Swiss sequence retrieval system
  • EBI SRS -- query session at EBI sequence retrieval center
  • EMBL -- gateway to EMBL sequence and structure databases
  • Hovergen -- homologous vertebrate genes database
  • HUGE -- unidentified human proteins in KIAA series
  • MIPS -- gateway to protein information center in Munich
  • OWL -- non-redundant protein sequence database
  • PIR -- gateway to PIR protein database and query tools
  • ChromList -- lists UniGene clusters by chromosome
  • ChromProt -- lists human proteins by chromosome
  • KEGG -- Kyoto encyclopedia of pathways and maps
  • Taxonomy -- taxonomic classes at NCBI
  • TreeLife -- tree of life taxonomy project
  • Hugo -- recommended gene symbols at Genew3
  • OMIM 1+ 2 -- simple and complex searches at OMIM
  • Marshfield -- genetic and physical maps at Marshfield
  • HGMD Mut -- human gene mutation database at Cardiff
  • LocMutations -- locus-specific mutation databases
  • Mitomap -- human mitochondrial genome database
  • Mito -- mitochondrial genomes and alignment
  • MitoWustl -- mitochondrial genes, mutations and disorders
  • MitoP -- mitochondrial genes, proteins and diseases at Munich
  • MitoDat -- nuclear genes specifying mitochondrial biogenesis
  • UDB -- integrated human genome map
  • UniGene -- query UniGene
  • UniGene HIB -- annotated Unigene clusters and blast service
  • Contigs -- search NT contigs, dbSTS, GenMap99
  • Marker -- search for marker, YACs, contigs
  • SNP -- single nucleotide polymorphisms at SNP Consortium
  • dbSNP -- search for single nucleotide polymorphisms at NCBI
  • BodyMap -- database of human and mouse gene expression
  • TransTerm -- sequence context of stop and start codons
  • ESTScan -- detects coding regions despite frameshifts and low quality
  • RegulonDB -- transcription regulation database for various organisms
  • Rebase -- restriction enzyme cleavage sites
  • SpliceDB -- canonical and non-canonical splice sites in mammals
  • MemTrans -- genomic comparisons of membrane transport systems
  • Geneimprint -- imprinted gene database
  • Codon -- codon usage database