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Welcome to Bioinformatics 1 WS 2015/16

This page is dedicated to Bioinformatics 1 course taught in winter semester 2015/16. The lectures will start on 22. October at 10 am (c.t.). Location: Institute of Botany lecture hall (SBI HS), Schlossgarten 3, next to botanical garden.


  • Prof. Wojciech Makalowski; office hours: by appointment via: wojmak@uni-muenster.de (Niels-Stensen-Straße 14)
  • Prof. Claudia Acquisti; office hours: Wednesday 3-5 PM (Hüfferstraße 1)


The lecture takes place Thursdays at 10 (c.t.) - 12:00

Date Topic Handouts
October 22nd Introduction to bioinformatics from an evolutionary perspective (WM) [Slides]
October 29th Next Generation Sequencing (WM) [Slides]
November 5th Sequence alignment and similarity search (WM) [Slides]
November 12th Sequence assembly and gene prediction (WM) [Slides]
November 19th Distances and models. Synonymous and Nonsynoymous Substitutions. Basics of the neutral theory. (CA) [Slides]
November 26th Phylogenetic trees (Distance-based, Parsimony, Max Likelihood) (CA) [Slides]
December 3rd Metagenomics (CA) [Slides]

Lectures marked by * are those covered in the practicals.

Recommended textbooks

Please note that there is no specific textbook that we follow but these books cover all the material plus some extras.

Bioinformatics and Molecular Evolution by Paul G. Higgs and Teresa K. Attwood
Human Evolutionary Genetics: Origins, Peoples and Disease by Mark Jobling, Edward Hollox, Toomas Kivisild, Chris Tyler-Smith, and Matthew Hurles


Please be reminded, that...

  • there are seven groups (limit - twenty-two students per group)
  • students have to register for the practicals after November 1st - see below
  • practicals start always at full hour (s.t.)
  • practicals are mandatory and have knowledge requirements
  • eating and drinking is prohibited in the computer lab

Access requirements:

Students are required to be familiar with the topics discussed in the theoretical lesson about alignments for practical 1, and about phylogenetic reconstruction for practical 2.

Which days?

  • November 10 - 12: Alignments and Blast
  • December 8 - 10: Phylogenetic trees

Which time slots?

  • Tuesday: 8 - 10, 10 - 12 and 16 - 18
  • Wednesday: 14 - 16 and 16 - 18
  • Thursday: 8 - 10 and 16 - 18

The sequences for the phylogenetic inference practical can be downloaded from here.
Or download the individual datasets separately: Casein.fasta, DNA_Concatenated.fasta, haemoglobin.fasta
Download sequences aligned with muscle from here.
The exercise sheet can be downlaoded here.

How to find the ComLab

The ComLab is located in Schlossplatz 2b, next to the Schloss, in the same building as the Fachschaft Biologie.

Final Exam

The final exam has been set up as follows

  • First Session 18.02.2016 4:00-5:30 pm Schlossplatz 7, HOF - SP 7 (Hörsaal)
  • Repetition 10.03.2016 4:00-5:30 pm Hüfferstr. 1, HHü (Hörsaal)
Please mark your calendar accordingly.

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